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Kick off your new year with new yoga gear:


Stay hydrated in style. Its innovative design includes a self-cleaning feature, ensuring your water is always fresh and cold-making it a must-have accessory for any yogi.


The Alo No-Slip Towel is designed to keep you focused on your flow. With its superior grip and absorbency, this towel is a yoga session essential, especially for hot yoga enthusiasts.


The Bmat offers an unparalleled grip and comfort for your yoga practice. Eco-friendly and non-slip, it’s ideal for all types of yoga, ensuring stability and support for every pose.


Wolven Threads offers stylish and sustainable yoga clothing. Made from recycled materials, their apparel combines fashion, function, and environmental responsibility.

Ps. 1 Wolven legging is made from 27 bottles.


Enhance your yoga practice with these sustainable bamboo blocks. Durable and eco-friendly, they provide the perfect support for deepening poses and improving balance.


Urbivore specializes in sustainable cork yoga products. Their accessories are perfect for yogis seeking anti-microbial, odor-free and self-cleaning gear.


meditation and mental health:

Perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere at home, these oils capture the essence of the holidays, from spicy cinnamon to refreshing pine.

Keep track of your journey with Papier’s beautifully designed journals. Perfect for recording practices, reflections, and progress.


Savor the pure, organic blends from Mountain Rose Herbs. Their selection of teas offers a natural and soothing experience, perfect for unwinding after yoga or enjoying a peaceful moment.

The Five Minute Journal Fit Edition is designed to help you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It’s an excellent tool for setting fitness goals and reflecting on daily progress.


Support small businesses with YogaKargha’s handwoven organic cotton meditation blankets. Soft, sustainable, and perfect for meditation or relaxation sessions.


The Shakti Acupressure Mat is an innovative tool for relaxation, stress release and pain relief. Ideal for use after yoga sessions to help release muscle tension.




Perfect for anyone looking to integrate the wisdom of Ayurveda into their daily lives, this book is not just a cookbook but a guide to achieving harmony and health.


Explore the relationship between diet and well-being. This book is a great resource for yogis interested in holistic health and nutrition.


Freshen up with these electrolytes after a class of hot yoga.


These small-batch chocolates are infused with superfoods said to balance the body’s five elements.