About Root to Rise Yoga: Elevate Your Wellness, Embrace Your Journey

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🌟 Elevating Wellness: Root to Rise Yoga, Where Empowerment Meets Authenticity 🌟

Step into a world of wellness where empowerment takes center stage, authenticity thrives, and innovation meets tradition. Root to Rise Yoga, a beacon of holistic well-being, stands proudly as a women-owned business that weaves a captivating tapestry of tradition, innovation, and community connection. With state-of-the-art heating and humidity systems embracing you, our space becomes a sanctuary for growth, self-discovery, and transformation.

🌺 Discover Root to Rise Yoga 🌺

Root to Rise Yoga is more than just a yoga studio; it’s a haven where empowerment finds its voice and authenticity is celebrated. Led by a woman entrepreneur, Andi Oliveira, our studio radiates a unique blend of tradition and modernity, a reflection of our commitment to nurturing both the body and soul.

🌿 Unveiling Our Unique Offerings 🌿

✨ Women-Owned Excellence: At Root to Rise Yoga, we wear our women-owned badge with pride. Our studio embodies the spirit of empowerment, providing a platform for women to lead, inspire, and create positive change within the community.

✨ Cutting-Edge Comfort: Experience the epitome of comfort in our studio, courtesy of our state-of-the-art heating and humidity systems. Our dedication to your well-being extends beyond the mat, creating an environment that supports your practice and enhances your journey.

✨ Authentic Connection: We believe in the power of authenticity. Root to Rise Yoga’s heart beats in sync with our brand’s essence, allowing you to explore yoga’s transformative benefits while staying true to your unique self. Our instructors are more than guides; they’re companions on your path to self-discovery.

✨ Community, Our True Foundation: Our roots run deep within the community we cherish. Root to Rise Yoga is more than a place to practice – it’s a hub where like-minded souls converge, fostering connections, collaborations, and a shared journey towards greater well-being.

🌟 Why Choose Root to Rise Yoga? 🌟

🌻 Immerse yourself in a women-led environment that embraces your aspirations and celebrates your journey.

🌻 Experience the pinnacle of comfort and practice in our cutting-edge studio, enhanced by advanced heating and humidity systems.

🌻 Embrace your authentic self and connect with instructors who understand your unique path.

🌻 Become part of a vibrant community that supports, uplifts, and grows together.

🌻 Rediscover wellness as a holistic journey that aligns body, mind, and soul.

Root down...


The Aspen Sapling

Our beloved state tree, the quaking Aspen, is quite a wonder. In the fall, we flock toward the mountains to catch a glimmer of the radiant light of their golden leaves. It is almost as though sunshine emanates from their very root system out into the world.

It is the root system that leaves us most in awe. Said to be among the largest organism in the world, is a grove of Aspen trees in southern Colorado. Apsens grow from the earth as individual trees, but their foundation is connected, intrinsically intertwined. The symbolism isn’t lost on us, as this is how we see our R2R community. Connected together. Just like the word yoga itself, meaning to yoke, to unite.

We are better only together.

The Aspen sampling also symbolizes rebirth. The ability to begin again, and again, and again. In our yoga practice we believe that to be true with each breath we take.

The Journey...


The Third Eye

The third eye center. Said to be our seat of deepest intuition, the Ajna chakra is the fountain from which our wisdom flows.Β 

The third eye is found in the space between our eyebrows. Invisible but perceptive. Mystical. Magical. A reminder that the deepest seeing is not through our two eyes out into the world but is the looking within.Β 

The eye for us, quite plainly, also means we see you. Truly. You are welcome here just as you are. Joys and struggles, happy times and sad. We see you.

Rise up...


The Sun

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Denver basks in the light. We are creatures of it. The sun fuels us in our Colorado lifestyle, empowering us on uphill mountain bike climbs, trail runs, snowshoe backcountry treks, and downhill skiing. The sun sustains us just as it nourishes our gardens in the summer and our spirits through the winter months.

The sun, much like our third chakra, our solar plexus, provides us with vitality and courage. We know the practice of yoga we love so much is a reminder of this courage. That with every sunrise, every breath, is a chance to begin anew and rise again and again and again.Β