Andi root to rise yoga owner

Get to know Andi Oliveira

The owner and community builder at Root to Rise Yoga

Can you tell us about your personal journey with yoga and how you became a yoga studio owner?

From an early age, my passion for entrepreneurship had me smitten with the world of business. When my son was finishing high school and my commitment to his academics were coming to an end, I knew it was time to look for my next adventure before selling a “Kumon Center” I had open and operated for 6 years. Yoga has always had my heart. Even when I had no time to study further or to practice more,
the thought of it remained latent. I decided to establish a yoga studio that mirrored my own ideal practice space – a serene, warm, inclusive haven.

How do you ensure that your studio remains inclusive and welcoming to practitioners of all levels and backgrounds?

That is one of the things I am most proud of. I will dare to say Root to Rise Yoga is the most welcoming studio anyone will find! I believe one reason why is because I opened the studio being a total beginner myself. Judgment had no place amongst practitioners since we were all learning together and from scratch. These days, even though I have been practicing consistently for about 3 years, I still consider myself to be a beginner. That has become a mindset. We embrace a culture of an individual practice in a group setting, in which advanced practitioners coexist with less experienced ones. In addition, the fact that most of our teachers and yogis have been with part of this big family for all these years, makes it to a very friendly environment.

How would you describe the overall atmosphere and community at your yoga studio?

We are a group of people that get excited to see each other on our mats. It’s very common that a practitioner will come into a room to find other yogis talking and meeting each other before class starts. That is encouraged. Root to Rise Yoga is a place where we gather for a common love for the practice of yoga, but we become friends in the process.

What are your long-term goals and aspirations for your yoga studio?

We will keep our growth mindset and will never stop evolving. Root to Rise Yoga’s quest is nothing short of becoming best in class. Our vision embraces not solely the cultivation of robust physical practice, but an immersion into all aspects of yoga philosophy. Education is one of our pillars. Science is another one. Growth is encouraged and embraced. The timeless aspect of the discipline of yoga is also something we are consistently touching upon. What I mean is that we are not here to follow trends but rather to go back to the roots of this ancient practice that has countless benefits in so many different areas of our lives.

Can you share a success story of a student who has experienced significant personal growth through their yoga practice at your studio?

Yoga is a transformative discipline that transcends the physical realm. For that reason, our community brims with narratives of members who leaned on their mats and our collective strength during bereavements, weight loss journeys, confrontations with stress, anxiety, or addictions. I will dare to say each one of our members has a story to tell and reasons why yoga has become a forever practice for us all! Even the ones that stumbled upon yoga to only sweat!! The consistent practice of yoga will make sure to transcend that!

What advice would you give to someone who is new to yoga and considering joining
your studio?

I hope everyone that is curious and would like to start practicing yoga will give us a chance to pave the way into this beautiful journey. Don’t think too much about it! Come in as you are! That is the perfect place where to start from. Yoga is a practice, a discipline, a philosophy. It is for everybody and every body. With all the benefits of this practice will bless us with, I would love to live in a world where everyone would say “yes” to it.

What makes Root to Rise yoga studio unique compared to other studios in the area?

As you walk into Root to Rise Yoga you’ll be greeted by smiles and a lot of plants! Behind the desk and all around the studio, we are witness to new members exhaling to a sense of peacefulness and beauty. We are not perfect. We do not get everything right all the time, but no one could say we are not showing up and trying our very best. We breathe love inside of our space! I am personally present and fully vested. I’m not just a typical owner, I will go from cleaning our floors to leading our community. I am an active yogi practicing alongside our remarkable team of instructors and fellow practitioners. After all, I crafted the studio I longed to belong to, and I extend an invitation to you. Join us!

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