“Gratitude is the closest thing to beauty manifested in an emotion.”
Mindy Kaling

Our THANK YOU: January 2023 Discounted Annual Unlimited Membership Offer

Dear Community,

As we step into a new year and soak in the energy of hope, renewal and openness, we want to celebrate. 2023 is our first calendar year as a remarkable milestone of the special and beautiful community we built together. Thank you for being part of such rewarding experience of transformation. We are overjoyed with the improvements we have made at hOMe and are looking forward to what is still to come. 

And so, we want to express our appreciation in a way that goes beyond words as we lean in toward the future with a wide open heart! ❤️

Our rates for new practitioners will increase starting in February 2023. But for January only, we are offering a discounted one-year of yoga for all our members.

If you purchase an annual membership during January 2023, you will get 2 months free at your current monthly rate for the entire year. This way, regardless of when you joined our community, you’ll be able to opt-in if this offer makes sense to you.

If you have family members or friends that would benefit from the gift of yoga, let us know! The current annual membership is available also during January only for the last time ever. 

These offers are not available online. You can purchase your year of yoga in person, over the phone at (720) 372-7120, or via email: info@roottorise.yoga

This is one of the ways we have found to say THANK YOU to our long-term members and to also welcome new yogis into our community. 

Thank you for going through this journey with us.

In gratitude,
Andi and the ROOT TO RISE YOGA team.

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