Unlocking the Power of Hot Yoga: Myths, Benefits, and Expert Insights

Root to Rise Yoga Denver Virtual Live Panel

October 4th at 12PM MST.

Panel Topics

What we will be discussing during the panel

Myths and Misconceptions

Hot yoga is surrounded by myths and misconceptions, but beneath the sweat, it holds a world of physical and mental benefits waiting to be discovered.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga offers a unique blend of increased flexibility, enhanced strength, and a detoxifying sweat that revitalizes both body and mind.

Challenges and Tips for Beginners

We'll explore the challenges beginners may face in hot yoga and offer essential tips to help them navigate this invigorating practice with confidence and ease.

Yoga Mind Body connection

Hot yoga fosters a mind-body connection through the union of mindful movement, conscious breath, and inner awareness, promoting holistic well-being.

Longevity and Holistic Health

Longevity and holistic health are intertwined, as nurturing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being plays a pivotal role in extending our quality of life and overall vitality.

Hot Yoga for All?

We will explore whether hot yoga is a practice that can be safely embraced by individuals of all fitness levels and health backgrounds.

Meet the Speakers

Andi Oliveira

Andi Oliveira, a Brazilian native, is a passionate entrepreneur who embarked on a journey into the world of hot yoga. With a nutritional scientist background and successful Kumon franchise owner experience, Andi founded ‘Root to Rise Yoga’ five years ago. Her entrepreneurial spirit and deep love for yoga converged to create a warm and inviting sanctuary. Root to Rise Yoga, under her leadership, embodies a beautiful community, excellence, education, and a fusion of science with yoga tradition. Andi’s personal touch can be felt throughout the studio, where she practices alongside her students, tends to the space, and welcomes everyone to her yoga family. Join Andi at Root to Rise, where she invites you to make yourself at “hOMe”.

Katie Kroeger

Yoga and Katie are a seemingly unlikely duo. She can’t touch her toes or stand on her head. The realization yoga was never about that at all was a saving grace for Katie who found a regular practice in her 30s. She moved from a love-hate relationship with yoga to something that she cherishes. It is about mindfulness and presence. It is about letting go of pretense and the illusion of perfection. It is about community, something she adores about Root to Rise, where is it a blessing to be both student and guide.

Kate Gulick

Kate was training for the 2001 New York City Marathon when she discovered Hot Yoga. Her practice began as a way to compliment her running but quickly evolved into something greater. The physical benefits unveiled themselves swiftly but the true power of a regular hot yoga practice was intangible. The mental and emotional benefits far outweighed the physical. After nine years of practicing, Kate completed her training in 2010. She has taught at a variety of studios in Denver, Colorado and has successfully led teacher trainings. She enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of the practice and encourages her students to be true to themselves, curious and open minded.

Lindsay DeWalt

Lindsay completed her Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles, CA (Fall 2011). This nine-week intensive course was one of the most challenging things she had been through and looking back, one of the best times of her life. Lindsay has taught in studios all over – from Eugene, OR to Athens, GA, Seattle, WA to Nairobi, KE – and now in Denver, CO. She recently began teaching an Intermediate Hot Yoga class, and looks forward to continuing to advance the practice personally, as well as within her yoga community!