Charlene Laney

Hot Yoga

Charlene taught herself basic yoga to supplement sports activity in high school. It wasn’t until 2011 that she discovered the traditional hot yoga practice. She quickly fell in love with the mental and physical challenge of the heated room, often practicing 6-7 times per week. She found the sequence of postures to be so well-crafted, often likening the post-yoga feeling to “having gotten a full-body massage”.

Over the years, her consistent hot yoga practice has allowed her to reprogram her outlook on life, exit toxic relationships, cope with loss, (and survive the Arizona summer heat, no less!) Shortly after attaining her hot yoga teacher certification with Yoga Pod Cherry Creek in 2017, Charlene began teaching hot classes at Root to Rise (RTR) in Lowry and knew she had found her hOMe. Today, Charlene loves balancing her hot yoga practice with fitness/conditioning, restorative, dance, and the occasional vinyasa class. As a teacher, she is a passionate advocate for her students’ holistic health and knows that a hot yoga practice – when rooted in proper form – can be instrumental in one’s health journey. You’ll often find her chatting in the hallway with other members of the RTR community or teaching hot 1-2x per week. She spends the majority of her time on her business – helping clients reshape and rebuild their financial futures through restorative vision planning.